Chia Berry Smoothie

chia-berry-smoothieChia, Berries and Cream Smoothie

As soon as you read the word “Chia” you probably already heard the famous jingle in your head, right? Well, Chia Seeds are also an amazing little seed packed with a ton of health benefits. And just to name a few: they contain omega-3 fatty acids, they form a gel in water which helps keep you hydrated as they pass through your digestive tract, they’re packed with fiber, and they’re low glycemic (when eaten with foods containing sugar).

If you’ve never tried eating chia seed, then here’s what to expect: they will expand when added to liquids. Meaning your smoothie might turn into a thickie if you add too much; however, they will absorb the flavors of whatever you add them to. They’re the perfect addition to smoothies, because they add bulk and help keep you full while adding nutrition.


1 tbsp chia seed
1/4 cup spinach or kale
1/2 cup fresh or frozen blackberries
1/2 cup fresh or frozen red raspberries
8oz almond milk, unsweetened
(Optional: vegan/vegetarian Protein Powder)

Place all items into NutriBullet  or blender and process until smooth.
(vegan/vegetarian/paleo/gluten-free friendly!) Makes approx 16oz serving size, approx 200-300 calories. Enjoy!

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