Electrolyte Refresher

Electrolyte RefresherElectrolyte Refresher

This is my number one go-to recipe for preventing those foot cramps in the middle of the night, whether from running or lifting weights. Feel free to reduce the banana, and add some protein to offset the carbohydrate levels for a refreshing recovery drink after an intense workout. Make sure to take a hot bath before bed and you’ll wake up feeling fully-recovered, I promise.

Not to mention how quickly the coconut water and aloe vera juice is going to re-hydrate your body.


1/2  – 1 banana.
1 medium orange (any variety) juiced, with or without pulp
1 small – medium lemon, juice, without or without pulp
2oz aloe vera juice
8oz coconut water

Place all items into NutriBullet and process until smooth. Enjoy! (vegan/vegetarian). Makes approx 16oz.

Nutrition Info: (electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, all listed per 16oz serving size.)

Total Calories: 392cals
Total Fat:  0cals
Carbohydrates: 102grams
Sugars: 57grams
Protein: 7grams

Electrolytes: (via SELF Nutrition Data)

Sodium: 256.7mg
Potassium: 2,035mg
Calcium: 158mg
Magnesium: 153.4mg
Phosphate: 137.3mg

Feel free to play around with the above listed ingredients; use more or less of each fruit to suit your needs.


One response to “Electrolyte Refresher

  1. Don’t know that I’m particularly fond of aloe juice, and honestly – I’ve never tried it. So, I don’t necessarily have a leg to stand on in regards to fondness of it. BUT, I do know that bananas are absolutely GREAT for muscle cramps (I’ve been told that they happen because of a Potassium deficiency and bananas are super high in potassium. I think avocados rank up there as well). Add some fresh ginger and you’ve got a great detox shake as well 🙂
    looks yum!

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