Zombies! Run, dude, run!

This weekend is my second time running the Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K and I’m more than excited! I’m going to be volunteering as a zombie!!! Awesome, right? Nothing says motivation like a bunch of flesh-hungry zombies chasing you down trying to steal your brains…erm, I mean flags.

It’s an intense, obstacle-filled course, and it’s totally worth getting muddy. You can catch a glimpse by watching the video here (just an FYI, zombies…blood, PG-13 safe):

Already pumped? Me too! I have my zombie outfit planned, but I have to arrive at 5:45am the day of the race to get my make done by zombie professionals, before I spend the morning trying to steal brains…erm, I mean flags, I really keep forgetting they’re not real zombies. I do however, have my #GeekFit outfit planned for when I am actually running:

Zombie-5K-GeekFitAs you can see, it’s pretty geeky and definitely my style for the apocalypse. It’s all about having fun, getting muddy, being chased by zombies, and then celebrating your survival (or demise) at the Apocalypse Party afterwards. Who says you can’t have fun running? Some prefer a nice relaxing jog, whereas I like a fast-paced, obstacle course filled with the undead. πŸ™‚

I’ll be sure to post some pictures after the event, so stay tuned!


3 responses to “Zombies! Run, dude, run!

    • Ack! Sorry for the late reply! The race = awesome! It was my first year volunteering as a zombie flag-catcher so I got all zombified and the race itself was intense! I’m waiting for some pictures and I should have a blog post soon πŸ™‚

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