My First 5K: Growing Together – sponsored by Klean Athlete

I’ll be honest, I was definitely not an athlete growing up. I was quite the opposite (aka total fatty). I could run as fast as the fat kid running to the front of the lunch line on sloppy joe day. But that all changed when I found out about Klean Athlete.

I’ve been eating vegetarian for years now; eating mostly organic, all-natural food, because I learned that what you put in your body becomes your body. You eat food to absorb the nutrients; so what happens when you eat artificial flavorings, preservatives, colorings….stuff that doesn’t really need to be there? The short answer is: you get fat, sick, and unhealthy. Trust me on this. So I decided, I’ll eat clean and train clean, because I wanted to become clean.

So I decided to run my first 5K, just last year. Here’s some photos from the run. I managed to make it in 45 minutes, which for me was a personal triumph.

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